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Stephen Thomas, P.E.

Steve has over 30 years of experience in design and construction of public works projects throughout the northwest. His design experience includes concept development through final construction documents (PS&E) for:

  • State Highways
  • County Roads
  • City Streets, including signals and roundabouts
  • Stormwater Collection and Treatment
  • Reclaimed Water Distribution
  • Potable Water Distribution, including booster stations
  • Sanitary sewer Collection, including pump stations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stevefs construction and construction management experience includes all tasks typical of locally or federally funded public works projects:

    • Advertisement for Bids
    • Bid Tabulations
    • Pre-construction Conferences
    • Submittal Review and Tracking
    • Pay Requests
  • Project Documentation
  • Change orders
  • Dispute resolution
  • Project Closeout
  • His public agency projects vary in scope from a NEPA EIS for 26 miles of state highway to minor sewer and water line repairs. He is comfortable managing a team of sub-consultants as well as a diverse staff of professionals and technicians.

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    Krista Kimmel, P.E.

    Krista has over 10 yearsf experience in the civil engineering field. She began her career as an Engineering Technician and worked her way to obtaining her Professional Engineering license. Her experience includes conceptual design through final PS&E documents for:

    • County Roads
    • City Streets
    • Stormwater Collection and Treatment
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection
  • Potable Water and Reclaimed Water Distribution
  • Retaining Walls
  • Her construction management experience includes bid openings, bid tabulations, contractor submittal review, and change orders.

    Krista has written successful funding applications for several Washington cities. These funding applications have varied from:

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    Mary Wilkes, P.E.

    Mary has been working in the engineering field for over 20 years. She has spent the last seven years of her career focused on water systems planning & engineering. In addition to her experience as a civil engineer, she has several years of experience as a mechanical engineer that provides her with a solid foundation in hydraulics, pumps and valves. Mary began her career as an electronics technician, and as such, she has a solid understanding electronics and controls, which is increasingly important for todayfs water systems engineers. Her experience as a water systems planner includes:

    • Population projections
    • Water Usage analysis
    • Storage capacity analysis
    • Hydraulic analysis
    • Fireflow analysis
    • Capital Improvement Programs
  • Financial Analysis
  • Coliform Monitoring Programs
  • Cross Connection Control Programs
  • Emergency Response Programs
  • Wellhead Protection Programs
  • Her design experience includes conceptual design through final PS&E and O&M documents for:

    • Storage Tanks
    • Pump Stations
    • System Controls
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Wells & Well Rehabilitation
    • Pipeline Extensions
    • Control Valves
  • PRV Stations
  • Fire Hydrant Assemblies
  • Sample Stations
  • Air Release & Vacuum Assemblies
  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies
  • Service & Source Meters
  • Maryfs construction management experience includes:

    • Advertisement for Bids
    • Bid Tabulations
    • Pre-construction Conferences
    • Change orders

    She has experience collaborating with other water systems engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, well pumpers & diggers, environmental engineers, system operators, contractors, and funding & reviewing agencies. Mary has written several successful funding applications.

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