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Lodestone Engineering LLC offers Water System Plan and Small Water System Management Program assistance through the expertise and experience of Mary Wilkes.

Water System Planning

Mary has seven years of experience in water system planning and specializes in writing Water System Plans and Small Water System Management Programs. She writes plans for:

  • Group A Water Systems
  • Group B Water Systems
  • Transient, Non-community Systems
  • Non-transient, Non-community Systems
  • Expanding Systems
  • Non-expanding Systems
  • Systems Requiring "Umbrella Plans"
  • Large & Small Systems

Mary understands that each water system is different and has its own unique needs. Her focus is on listening to her clients and truly understanding their current needs and future goals. With these needs in mind, she strives to write Water System Plans that are useful and economical.

Other Water System Services

Her design experience includes conceptual design through final PS&E and O&M documents for:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Pump Stations
  • System Controls
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Wells & Well Rehabilitation
  • Pipeline Extensions
  • Control Valves
  • PRV Stations
  • Fire Hydrant Assemblies
  • Sample Stations
  • Air Release & Vacuum Assemblies
  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies
  • Service & Source Meters
  • Maryfs construction management experience includes:

    • Advertisement for Bids
    • Bid Tabulations
    • Pre-construction Conferences
    • Change orders

    She has experience collaborating with other water systems engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, well pumpers & diggers, environmental engineers, system operators, contractors, and funding & reviewing agencies. Mary has written several successful funding applications.

    Recognizing that finding funding is a crucial part of projects, Mary has become skilled at identifying funding sources and has written multiple successful grant and low interest loan applications for her clients.